HotLink Quickstart Guide


Connect the HOTLINK to RED DSMC camera (Scarlet, Epic, Dragon) by connecting the DSMC Serial Cable which ships with the HOTLINK (4-pin 00 LEMO to 4-pin 0B LEMO).

This cable connects to the CTRL port on the back of DSMC cameras and to the RS232 port on the HOTLINK.


When inserting the small 00 LEMO connector into the CTRL port - first turn the connector so that the red dot on the connector faces UP - and then insert into the port on the camera.


Power your HOTLINK by connecting a power cable to the 2-pin LEMO connector OR the USB mini (+ 5V) - ideal for gimbals and drones. The blue LED power indicator will light up when the HOTLINK has power.

The blue LED power indicator will light up when the HOTLINK has power.

The HOTLINK takes + 5-17.5 VOLTS via the 2-pin LEMO with pin 1 = GND - same as RED, ARRI, TERADEK & PARALINX so power cables for these products all work wit the HOTLINK.

The HOTLINK does feature reverse polarity protection on both the LEMO and the USB mini port. Do NOT connect a 4-pin LEMO power cable into the rs232 port of the HOTLINK or you will damage the unit.

OFFHOLLYWOOD sells many cable options to power the HOTLINK on our store - including 4-pin to 2-pin LEMO power cables for powering the HOTLINK from the RED +1 Module, in addition to 2-pin LEMO Crossover Cables (pin 1 = + 11-17.5V) for powering from LETUS HELIX.


On the DSMC camera - navigate to SETTINGS> SETUP > COMMUNICATION > SERIAL and select from the drop down menu "REDLINK Command Protocol".

Press OK and Close.

The HOTLINK can NOT communicate to the camera unless you do this. You can leave this setting as it will not effect anything when the HOTLINK is not attached - it is simply turning on the the RCP command protocol via RS232 over the CRTL port. Always make sure this setting is enabled when attaching a HOTLINK to a DSMC camera.


Connect your mobile device or computer to the HOTLINK - it will appear as device in the list of networks your device scans.

*** If your HOTLINK was shipped after November 3rd - it will have a factory default password - 12345678 


For FOOLCONTROL applications (OSX & iOS) just launch the application and it will auto discover the camera.



For the free RED REDLINK application and other 3rd party applications - follow steps 1, 2 & 3 and then manually enter the IP address of the HOTLINK which is -which is engraved on the back of the HOTLINK in the event you forget :)

You will want to password protect your HOTLINK (Wireless AP Security Setting) to assure that an unauthorized person does not connect to the HOTLINK.

Please read the HotLink Name, Password and Multi-Cam Configuration Guide.

It's very important to password protect the HOTLINKs before using on a set because if anyone connects to the HOTLINK network - even by mistake assuming it is a wifi "hot spot" - it will disconnect whatever device is currently connected to it.

By setting a password for the WIRELESS AP SECURITY SETTING  - no device can connect to the HOTLINK without this password.