HotLink Name, Password and Multi-Cam Configuration


In order to change the password to connect to the HOTLINK or to change the name of your HOTLINK and also change the Account Name and Password to prevent anyone from changing any settings inside the HOTLINK - or to assign/connect HOTLINK(s) to a router - you will need to access the EMBEDDED HTML HOTLINK CONFIG TOOL.

Connect your mobile device or computer to the HOTLINK network then enter the IP address of the HOTLINK - into a web browser (Safari Chrome, etc.).

You will be prompted for a username and password.

By default - the username and password are admin, admin

** this is NOT the password to connect to the HOTLINK as a networked device - this is the "Account" to log into the configuration tool to change settings AFTER you have connected to the HOTLINK.

Your browser will now display the "SYSTEM" page of the HTML HOTLINK CONFIG TOOL:

System configuration landing page

In the upper right hand corner you will see BASIC & ADVANCED modes - you are in BASIC mode by default. ADVANCED allows full, complete access to all settings in the wifi module beyond what is required for DSMC camera control functionality - it is there for specialty uses cases.

*** We highly recommend you stay away from Advanced Mode unless you setting up a specialized situation.

Everything you need to do can be found in default BASIC menu - under SETUP - CLICK SETUP in the left nav bar - 

Your browser will now display the "SETUP" page of the HTML HOTLINK CONFIG TOOL:

The SETUP configuration page

By default the HOTLINK is not a password protected device. Which means than anyone can connect to it - and someone connects to it - any device currently connected to it will be disconnected. In order to manage this you will need to set up an AP (access point) security setting.

Under "Wireless AP Security Setting" - click on the drop down currently showing "disabled" - 

Enable Wireless AP Security Setting

Click on "WPA2-PSK" - a drop down menu will appear for entering a password - 

Enter a new password

Clear the "Password" field and enter your new password - 

Click the "SAVE" button below the password field -

Your password is now saved but you will need to RESTART the HOTLINK for the changes to take effect. 

Click on the "RESTART" button -

The HOTLINK will now restart - this takes 10-20 seconds - you will see the HOTLINK disconnect from your wireless network. If you click on your networks you will see the HOTLINK network now displays the padlock indicating it is password protected -

When you try to rejoin the HOTLINK (on OSX) you should see the following - 

Click "JOIN" - 

Enter your password and click on "JOIN" and you will now connect to the HOTLINK. 

You can also change the admin, admin defaults on the New Account and Password which will prevent anyone from making changes to the settings.  

For multi-cam - multi HOTLINK shoots - you will need to assign your HOTLINKS to a router. We strongly recommend the ASUS RT-AC87U due to it's robust range and performance.


You will want to power on ONE HOTLINK at a time during prep - and RENAME them  - "Wireless AP Setting Network Name (SSID)" - 



If you would like to RESTORE the HOTLINK back to the FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS - which includes resetting the name of the device to"HOTLINK" and resetting the administration password and login to admin, admin - just insert a pen or paper clip into the RESET button next to the blue LED and hold down for 3 seconds. This will reset and restore your HOTLINK for the FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS.

There will NOT be any visual indication (flashing LED, etc.) - just hold down the button for three seconds and the HOTLINK will automatically restart with the default settings. You will need to wait 10-20 seconds for the HOTLINK to reboot. 

RESET the HOTLINK with a paper-clip or pen - press down on the recessed button 3 seconds.