Use COPY to send and share large files

We now live in a world where people use links to send, download and share files. There's a lot of options - Dropbox, SugarSync, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, BOX, iCloud, WeTransfers, etc. - all of them have a "FREEMIUM" account options - but almost all of them have file size limitations. I recently stopped using SugarSync to test COPY and I just love it.


15G free account with ZERO file size limitation. Need to send a big, fat ProRes 444 file? No problem. iOS, WindowsPhone, Android apps - Windows, MAC & Linux desktop apps as well.

Get a your free COPY account HERE

And check out how their paid account stacks up against DROPBOX:


2 GB free

100 GB $8.25 per month

200 GB $16.60 per month

500 GB $41.60 per month

* prices are based on paying for the whole year; if you want to pay monthly the price goes up a few dollars per month.


15 GB free

250 GB $9.99 per month

500 GB $14.99 per month

Other key features include: Cloud Syncing, “Any Directory” Syncing, Permission-based Sharing and "Fair Sharing" where if you share a file with multiple users, the total size of the file is divided by the number of users - for example: a 3G files shared with three users will only count 1G against each users storage quota. That's pretty damn fair and pretty clever IMO :)