Qtake Monitor App

Back in 2009 at the NAB Reduser party - I helped developer IN2CORE release the QTake HD Advanced Video Assist software. Today, QTake is used on most major motion pictures produced around the world thanks to its unmatched feature set.

Today, I'm excited to announce the new QTake Monitor App, which turns any iOS device into wireless on-set monitor. Very low latency of just 1.5 frames makes iPad/iPhone monitors practically in sync with the QTAKE GPU OUTPUT. In addition to dual camera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use TALKBACK feature to communicate with QTAKE Operator.



  • Stream content of the QTAKE VIEWS to a maximum of 8 devices using QTAKE HD STREAM Module
  • Connect to one or two QTAKE HD Systems (tap and hold to select source)
  • Use the TALK button to communicate with the QTAKE HD operator
  • Monitor audio of the selected view (tap to select view)
  • Choose single or dual view mode (double tap to switch)
  • Save a screenshot to your camera roll with a two-finger tap
  • Display selected view on your Apple TV or enable full display mirroring using the MIRROR button (external display and AirPlay support)

QTAKE Monitor app is free to download from the App Store, but requires QTAKE HD STREAM Module

Buy any of the QTAKE HDx1, HDx2 or HDx4 bundles until December 31, 2013 and get the STREAM module for free.

The offer is valid for both pay-in-full and rent-to-own orders.

QTake may be purchased with "rent-to-own" monthly payments - contact info@offhollywoodny.com