QTake LITE and new QTake Modules

I am super excited to annouce the QTake LITE and new, additional modules to expand QTake's functionality.  OFFHOLLYWOOD introduced QTAKE in 2009 and now it is used around the world and on pretty much every major, Hollywood feature film produced.

This NAB - developer IN2CORE unleashes a new, affordable LITE version - which gives you a credit of your full purchase price towards upgrading to full X1, X2 or X4 software versions. In addition,  a number of new optional modules add even more stunning functionality - and ... a REDsync module is in the works for full, real-time meta-data integration between QTake and RED's revolutionary REDsync iPad application for the forthcoming Meizler Module.


QTake LITE is the most affordable QTake ever. Here's a feature comparison - and you can get credit of the full purchase price towards an upgrade to a full X1, X2, or X4 version.


VFX Module 
Import 3D scene and QTAKE will render it in realtime. You can either freely position virtual camera to match video or use MoCo camera to make it follow external positioning data. Using this module, QTAKE HD can also read data from Marc Roberts Motion Control and apply the same camera movement to 3D scene.



Using new four camera support, we have implemented live editing in new STUDIO Room. This module allows you to seamlessly cut four video feeds on the fly. After recording, you can immediately playback your sequence or easily adjust it using four track timeline. Remote iOS control for live editing is coming soon.


X4 Module
With this module you can capture and playback four full HD channels using single QTAKE HD system. It requires powerful MacPro computer and two AJA Kona3G cards. In order to provide such amount of image processing, QTAKE HDx4 utilises new AMD Radeon 7950 or Nvidia GTX 680 graphic cards.


COPRA Module

We have integrated COPRA4 support into QTAKE HD Video Assist. This sophisticated server application allows you to watch your footage on iPad, add comments and share ideas. As soon as QTAKE HD stops recording, new take is available for watching and tagging on a free COPRA iPad client application.
4K Module
Record and playback 4K ProRes in QTAKE 4K. Using AJA Kona3G card and four SDI feeds, you can ingest, playout and even do live processing of 4K video. Coming soon.
To purchase, or for further pricing info - email me directly at qtake@offhollywoodny.com.
At NAB - stop by the Nebtek booth C2946 to see QTAKE HD in action and meet Vlado & Lars - the developers of the product from IN2CORE. You are also invited for snacks & drinks on Tuesday, April 9th at 4:30pm.