Light Iron acquires Offhollywood’s Post Production Operations

When Aldey & I formed OFFHOLLYWOOD (ten years ago this March) - our goal was to create a business that leveraged emerging technologies and expertise to provide services to filmmakers and ultimately produce and co-produce original content.

At that time in 2003, filmmakers where just beginning the transition from film to HD digital. Low budget independent films were starting to choose the F900 and Varicam, and more importantly, "desktop computer-based post production" was just beginning. Uncompressed HD video was possible on a MAC PRO, and an "DI" was possible at a fraction of the price of traditional film post production.

When we embraced and evangelized RED Digital Cinema's RED ONE camera and a 4K future, we organically became a camera rental company because most of the major camera rental houses resisted the disruptive technology.

The New York post production market is a difficult playing field without a West Coast presence, and as a business it requires tremendous attention, management, and overhead. It is also a business that is being highly disrupted by new, inexpensive tools and larger, established brand-name companies suffering losses as acquisition on motion picture film winds down to it's inevitable demise. Aldey and I came to the realization that for our company to grow and be profitable, and for us to able to focus on our long term goals, we needed to find a way to exit the post production service business but have a strategic relationship to provide the very best workflows and post-production finishing services to our clients. We ended up with a win-win transaction as Light Iron had made a decision to open in New York. 

Aldey, John "Pliny" Eremic (now at HBO), and myself are proud of the work we have done in post production over the years including Academy Award nominated films. At 2013 Sundance we have four films that were color corrected at OFFHOLLYWOOD in the festival - We Are What We Are, The Lifeguard, Ass Backwards and A Teacher.

We are also excited to see Light Iron take the foundation we created at 580 Broadway in New York and take it to a whole other level. Their construction is targeted to be done in early April, and it will be - hands down - the most state-of-the-art post finishing facility on the East Coast.

We have reached a new era in production, where no camera package is complete without a tested post workflow. With this transaction, Offhollywood has access to both Light Iron’s mobile systems and their expert team, so we can equip our clients with the most advanced technologies and resources available anywhere.
— Offhollywood’s CEO Mark Pederson, The Hollywood Reporter