Introducing QTake Smart Assist

In 2009, OFFHOLLYWOOD worked with software developer IN2CORE to introduce QTAKE to the US market. Since then, QTake has become an industry standard for video assist on high-end film and television projects. Real-time compositing and editing make the software ideal for VFX and 3D productions. Recently, I had a visit from OVIDE, a rental facility based in Barcelona and Madrid

Ovide is the exclusive dealer in Spain for QTAKE HD and has developed a compact self-contained system in a 22” touchscreeen. Before this, QTAKE HD needed bulky computers, capture cards, monitors, and was AC powered. Ovide has developed Smart Assist® hardware that reduces the size to a 22” monitor, 11cm (4 1/3 inch) thick. Everything needed is inside.

I fell in love with the system in a New York Minute. Clearly designed and built by a rental house - it's rugged, with excellent power management and power options. And using the big touchscreen is like playing with a monster iPad. 

OFFHOLLYWOOD is proud to offer SMART ASSIST for sale and rental in the United States. My inital unit was only at our facility for a few days before Nils Johnson took one look at it and purchased the first unit in the US to use on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I'm working on getting a unit to NAB to show off - so I'll update here on which booth you can see it at the NAB show. To learn more about QTake and see it in action at the NAB show - make sure you stop by NEBTEK - Booth: C2946