ewa-marine RED-A Splashbag for RED DSMC cameras

ewa-marine has been manufacturing under water housings since 1970. The small family-owned business in Germany and has a world wide reputation for high quality products.

All ewa-marine housings feature a hardened, optical glass front port and are an ideal solution if you want to take your camera diving, snorkeling, sailing, cannoning or out into real extreme, foul weather.

ewa-marine has just released the RED-A splashbag housing for RED DSMC cameras (Scarlet, Epic, Dragon) which is rated for 10 meters underwater. Here's a closer look with some pics -

What you get with the ewa-marine RED-A splashbag:- 5 silica packs, 95mm, 82mm & 77mm screw in adapters, carry case and the splash bag 

What you get with the ewa-marine RED-A splashbag:- 5 silica packs, 95mm, 82mm & 77mm screw in adapters, carry case and the splash bag 


The RED-A splashbag comes with a 95mm screw in adapter ring that slides into the lens port - which features true, hardened optical glass -  and "locks" into place with a spring that it coiled around the adapter which seats into a groove inside the lens port. It also has adapter screw ins for 82mm and 77mm. There are a good number of adapter rings for 95mm screw-ins out there for stills glass - we are going to explore making a few custom CLAMP ON to 95mm adapters for some specific popular PL lenses. 


It's very easy to just push the lens in with this ring attached and feel it lock into place - and it's also very easy to apply a small amount of pressure and release it when you want to remove the camera.  

The splashbag has a removable pressure relieve valve which lets you take air out of the housing when in the water to reduce buoyancy. You can also leave it off if you are just using the housing to protect against elements such as sand, etc. and you are not in the water (which typically helps cooling) - to allow air flow into the housing.

I've recommended to the folks as ewa-marine to make an alternative valve that allows for a single cable (HDSDI or Gig-E ETHERNET cable for FOOLCONTROL OSX) - so that you could remove the pressure valve and then just screw in a the "cable valve/cap".

One thing I really like is the fact that the "MONITOR POCKET" is large. Large enough to accommodate RED's new 1920 x 1136 7" touchscreen monitor or even an 8.4" / 9" on board monitor.

Of course - the perfect partner for your ewa-marine splashbag is an OFFHOLLYWOOD HOTLINK for wifi control via FOOLCONTROL iOS. We tested with the HOTLINK in the splashbag and we had no problem controlling the camera 50' away.

FOOLCONTROL iOS will soon feature realtime monitoring of the CAL:T/E (blackshade calibration meter) and the ability to change FAN CONTROL settings remotely from the app to help control temp. Yes, it can get nice an toasty in the splashbag - so in most cases you will want to calibrate on the warmer side and set your fan settings to run the camera hot - but this depends if you are in the water - which often will offset temp. Some folks also use cold packs or even dry ice in a plastic tupperware container inside splashbags for extreme situations like shooting a sandstorm in the desert. If you are not fighting buoyancy you can also seal the bag with a larger amount of air inside - and speaking of buoyancy - there's plenty of room for weight(s) to be added and even plenty of room height wise to keep the camera on a baseplate and even have lens control motors & rods.

Also worth mentioning is that the RED-A splashbag ships with 5 silica packets to absorb moisture from condensation within the bag. You can use any silica packets - but what is cool about the ewa-marine ones is that they have blue letters/markings that turn pink as they absorb moisture - so it's a great visual indicator that there is moisture in the splashbag. You can take these silica packs out and throw them in the microwave on the popcorn settings and they will restore to blue and be moisture free for re-use.

The ewa-marine RED-A is a great piece of well-made kit that solves many situations where a full underwater enclosure is not needed - splattering blood on the set of a horror movie - snow, rain, sand, smoke, etc. in additional to hazardous environment specialty use cases.

MSRP is $999 and you can buy it now in the OFFHOLLYWOOD STORE for $949 now. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery within the USA.

You can also now RENT the ewa-marine RED-A splashbag from OFFHOLLYWOOD for $100/day if you want to try it out or just need it for a few shots on a project.