DEFY - Three Axis Camera Gimbal

Unless you live under a rock - you have heard all the hype and buzz on The MOVI. The three axis camera gimbal from the RC multicopter guys at FREEFLY. I had the same reaction a lot of people had right before NAB when Vincent Laforet's blog got the world to pay attention - I even tweeted the horrific, over-used term .... "game changer". But during the NAB show, I took a closer look and did some research and talked to some folks and basically came to the conclusion that there's no real IP to stop a dozen other companies from making this - and that based on my estimates of what the parts cost - clearly $15,000 is not what a widely adopted three axis camera gimbal should cost.

Enter the DEFY from RELENTLESS.

With the DEFY Gimbal close to launch, Drew Janes from Relentless, Inc shares the news on the product launch and answers a few questions that have been rolling in over the last month. This video will shed light on the soon to be released DEFY gimbal and the possibilities of handheld smooth camera operation from a RED Epic down to the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera at a price you can actually afford.
— Relentless, Inc.

Yes ... I reached out to Drew to see if OFFHOLLYWOOD could rock out on a proto-type or early unit.  The product designs and demo footage will soon follow as well as allowing users to pre-order from the website: