A Portrait of Marina Abramovic in 3D

I'd like to thank Matthu Placek, Director of "A Portrait of Marina Abramovic," for having us along to capture one of the worlds greatest modern artists of our day in such a new and powerful way.


Earlier this summer I met Director of Photography Mike Berlucchi about putting this highly ambitious and specialized project together, and I'm really glad that it's finally in the can, or hard drives rather. I couldn't have asked for a better experience on this one; my go-to Stereographer Alonso Homs (The Great Gatsby) and the illustrious Chris Burket (Oz, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) came on as 3D Rig Technician and made it all happen without a hitch. We set out to shoot Marina in native 4K Stereo 3D using RED EPIC Cameras and an ATOM 3D rig flown on a 50' Super Technocrane provided by Majestic--some very lovely folk! The night before the shoot Alonso jested that we'd get the shot on the first take, and we had quite a laugh between ourselves at the prospect.  On talking to Matthu after his review at Offhollywood, it turns out Alonso was right! First take. I think our favorite line of the shoot came from Marina.  Coming by the monitor to see playback of the first take, she paused when handed glasses and said, "Oh, this is in 3D?" Seems like Matthu hadn't told her what we were up to with that 50' crane in her Institute for the last couple of days.

Light Iron New York will handle post production.  I am super excited to see the finished piece soon. 

I'd like to congratulate 2013 ICG, IATSE Local 600 Emerging Cinematographer Award honoree, Mike Berlucchi, it was a pleasure and honor to work with you on this project.  I look forward to seeing you in Miami and most likely before then in Soho around the time to DI.

The final piece will premiere and showcase at Art Basel Miami Beach, Dec. 5-8, 2013.

I'd also like to thank Producer Matthew Shattuck of Dissident Industries for bringing us all together to create this new and exciting work. 

A.J. Del Cueto