World Premiere - Sundance 2009 Toe To Toe

Yesterday was the world premiere screening of Toe To Toe at Sundance 2009. Geoff Gilmore - director of the Sundance Film Festival gave a special introduction to the film which is in competition. The sold-out screening at the ECCLES venue - the largest at the fest. The audience loved the film and I could not help being a bit emotional as director Emily Apt took the stage with her cast for a Q&A. Driven by subtle, dynamic performances and nuances - this film is a perfect example of how great a low budget indie film can be. I thought the cast was OUTSTANDING.

Shot 100% in 2K so the DP Alan Jacobsen could shoot under-slung wit lightweight super-16mm zooms. I was completely impressed with how the film held up on the big screen, especially knowing how little lighting was used on the film.

I am extremely optimistic the film will get a distribution deal. This is an email I got from Emily the day before the screening - so often, once the filmmaker gets out the door, as a vendor, you are quickly forgotten. A quick note like this makes up for many "difficult" clients.

hi guys, just wanted to thank you all for the incredible job you've done with TOE TO TOE. our whole gang has been thoroughly impressed by your generosity, professionalism, patience and technical prowess (in newly chartered waters i might add). we are def happy clients and hope to work with you again soon. in meantime, lets get f---ed up at Sundance! ;) cheers, em emily abth pureland pictures, inc.