Wireless Recording on Teradek

http://www.vimeo.com/20128289 In case you've been hiding under a rock - the Teradek Cube is a new wireless device that streams H264 video over IP - there is a HD-SDI model and an HDMI model for the DSLR kids. What is cool about the Cube is that you can actually set up two cameras to stream on the same network - and view both streams live on a laptop using VLC. And you use a dual band wireless router you can have multiple folks on set watching the live video on their personal laptops.

But what I'm REALLY excited about is the new beta firmware - (not released yet) - that allows you to CAPTURE H264 video to an NFS share.

The Cube will record the clip using the CLIP NAME that is embedded in the HD-SDI stream coming off the RED ONE camera - starting and stopping automatically by reading the record state flag that is also embedded in the HD-SDI stream of the RED ONE. I was successfully recording two cameras over a single network to my 17" laptop - 100% wireless.

Then, you use AirVideo server software (FREE - Mac, PC and Linux)  - to serve the same folder you set up as your NFR share.

Download iPad and iPhone versions of AirVideo for a whopping $2.99 and you can watch the recorded clips immediately after the camera cuts - and you can watch previously recorded clips while you keep shooting.

Huge thanks to Deanan for his work with Teradek - this is a super cool system with lots of possible configurations and options!

I'll update this post when I have new info from Teradek as to when the firmware will be available.