Vegas 10.0d to offer 3D Blu Ray authoring

One over looked super exciting announcement at NAB was the fact that SONY Vegas 10 is adding support for Multiview Video Coding (MVC) codec - the spec for 3D Blu Ray in it's next update - 10.0d - due in late April. For $699.95 - it's bargain for sure. It won't do 3D menus, etc. - for that you're gonna need to step up to NetBlender's DoStudio.

"3D MVC and MPO File Format SupportAdditional native support for emerging MVC and MPO 3D file formats provides continued functionality with cutting edge camera and media technology (Sony cameras that support these formats include: TD10, NX3D1, TD300, and the Alpha and NEX series). 3D Blu-ray Disc Timeline BurningNew burning capability allows users to burn full HD 3D Blu-ray Discs onto BD-R/BD-RE media, providing editors with a complete ingest, edit and delivery option for 3D media."