The Mortician 3D - Premiere Project in Offhollywood's 3D Feature Film Initiative

OFFHOLLYWOOD is providing cameras, Element Technica 3D rigs, stereographer & technical support for Full Circle Films, Belladonna Productions & Films In Motion for THE MORTICIAN - a thriller starring Method Man directed by Gareth Roberts shooting in New Orleans.

Shooting with RED ONE cameras in 4.5K resolution, Redcode 42 on Element Technica's new QUASAR 3D rig and SI2K mini cameras on a prototype of ET's Neutron 3D rig for steadicam and hand-held shots.

A fantastic camera team under DP Mike McDonough and Stereographer Keith Collea with Grayson Austin operating (and steadicam), 1st ACs Automn Boh and Troy Wagner rocking the focus, IO and convergence and video assist tech Vincent Brunette running a custom QTAKE Advanced Video Assist 3D system.

The Mortician kicks off OFFHOLLYWOOD's 3D feature film initiative - and we are thrilled to be providing Element Technica's new 3D rigs on the East Coast and we are designing complete 3D rental, support and post packages for producers and studios using some of the very latest gear and tools in 3D.

We are also extremely excited to start testing ET's mid-sized Pulsar 3D rig with RED's forth-coming EPIC "Tattoo" cameras as soom as they become available.

Here's some snapshots from SHOOT DAY 1 -