Swimming with Red

J.J. Adler, Editor, Post Supervisor and Segment Director of The Onion News Network at The Onion wanted to follow up her 2008 Student Academy Award for Unattached with another short film called New Media. JJ wanted to shoot on the RED ONE ... the only catch ... a full day of shooting would need to be shot underwater, at the bottom of a swimming pool. We work with Element Technica testing their new toys and giving them feedback - and we knew they were working an underwater enclosure for the RED - so, we called Stephen and he said they could have it ready for testing on Friday. We needed to shoot on Sunday, and also needed to test it before bring it to set. So ... we sent our favorite courier GRAF AIR to pick it up and get it to us on Saturday. GRAF is the BEST way to ship your camera gear around - they handle all the shipping for folks like ARRI CSC and they know how to get camera gear through customs the right way. We have shot in six countries now with our cameras, so we've learned a few things about customs. The secret is - let GRAF take care of all of it! Since we started working with them we are pretty fearless about getting equipment to and from anywhere in the world. We paid 1/3 of what it would have cost to get it next day.

Meanwhile, we had to find a swimming pool the we could use for testing on Saturday. Actually, it's close to impossible in Manhattan. We used up all our favors over at the Soho House - which has my favorite pool in the city - so we managed to secure a pool in the Hamptons. Friday was such a crazy day - around 8 pm we were all still at Offhollywood and realized we forgot to pick up the Zeiss Ultra Primes lenses - as this enclosure is specifically designed to work with Zeiss Ultra's. So, after leaving a few cell phone messages with to Rich Abel from AbelCineTech -we managed to get everything we needed on a Friday night at 10pm.

The guys has a great time testing the rig all day - then drove it to location where crew of NEW MEDIA was shooting.