Spike UFC spots shot with RED One MX and Epic prototypes

http://www.vimeo.com/20271936 Spike TV started airing a series of spots for UFC we produced (live action) working with Fresh Paint, who designed, directed, edited and provided VFX.

Spots were shot back in JUNE on RED One MX with Brian Przypek as the DP - but Jarred, Jim Jannard and Ted from RED decided to drop by the shoot with THREE EPIC PROTOTYPES and shoot some additional footage testing a new firmware build.

Gallery after the jump. [gallery link="file"]

Obviously, by design, these spots are heavily post-processed - but it's a factual case study that these cameras have been testing shooting for months. Just firing one up and sliding in a 64G CF card gave me goosebumps.

We are beyond excited about the powerful features and flexibility of EPIC - and are looking forward to providing this camera to the professional community.

More information on Red's EPIC can be found on the RECON section of the REDUSER.NET forum.