Sneak Peak: ET Rig Control for iPhone Here's a little quick teaser video of the new iPhone application from Element Technica called Rig Control that we are beta testing. This video does not do the app justice - it is amazing to work with. In addition to controlling the rigs IO and Convergence, and wireless meta-data from the rig, the lens profile mapping features are incredible. You can map as many points on each lens, focus, iris, zoom - matching lenses perfectly and you can even adjust backlash compensation. You have every function of the rig and lens control in the palm of your hand.

There's even a fantastic extensive glossary of 3D terminology so when someone asks you about the "extrastereoscopic cues" you can give them an intelligent answer.

Pretty tough for me to express how excited I am about the app and what it can do. We'll have much more to share soon - Sammy, Rex are the whole gang are working around the clock over at ET - lots of exciting stuff in the works.