Red Rocket on a MacBook Pro

The guys from MAXX Digital were kind enough to let me bang on the prototype for their new enclosure for the Red Rocket card. It's a realy amazing and empowering thing to play 4K R3D files in full quality in realtime with audio - from a laptop using RocketCine-X application.

Red Rocket i Transporter plugs into the express card slot and gives you dual link HD-SDI out. I shipped the unit off to Detroit - where our cameras are shooting the new Wesley Snipes film - where it will be used to screen dailies back at the hotel after wrap. I also tested it with a AJA HDSDI to HDMI converter to a 50" plasma and it worked fantastic.

Peter Majatan, who was involved in the development of the product, has also created a ruggedized enclosure with battery power that can been seen here - both products are slated to ship this month.