Red Pro 18-85mm Zoom Lens

Well ... when it rains it pours! On Thursday we had 7 simultaneous shoots happening with RED cameras at the same time. I donated one of our cameras and tech support for a pro-Obama commercial directed by Doug Liman and shot by DP Stuart Dryburgh. I popped over to say high to Doug and make sure they got off to a good start. It was a pleasure to meet Stuart, super nice guy. He told me that he actually just used a Red camera for a some some aerial acrobatics in his latest feature film Amelia. I got back to Offhollywood later in the day to discover our RED PRO 18-85 T2.9 lens had arrived! And what a lens!! The best word I can come up with is ... SEXY.  Red hadn’t finished their lens support for the lens - so I raced over to Abel Cine Tech and Mitch hooked me up with a Zacuto bracket that snaps onto 19mm rods and also lent me a few goodies I can’t talk about yet - but good stuff. Then is starts raining and it hasn’t stopped yet. So, needless to say ... I’m dying to start shooting with this glass. It’s officially available for rentals now (with our cameras) - and I’ll post some frames and/or clips as soon as possible.