Quick Report IBC 2008

IBC is my favorite trade show because the vibe is much more relaxed, less crowded, and a much more International crowd than at NAB. Aldey & I have been networking so much we’ve spent more time talking to people than looking at equipment, but we are here until the end of the show with plenty more to see. It’s very cool to finally meet some of folks in person whom I’ve interacted with on the REDUSER.net forum - guys like Currado Silveri (pictured above) from e-motion in Italy. Here’s a quick report highlighting a few things: Ted Schilowitz did three presentations - (Friday, Sat. and today) which started and ended with screenings of the new “Red Reel”. Footage looked totally amazing on the 60’ screen - playing off of a  from 6 Gig 4K DCP on the Sony 4K projector. Our friends at Plaster City Post in LA did a fantastic job on the new reel. Ted & Lucas Wilson from Assimilate did a few presentations in the Adobe booth where they demo’d the Alpha version of native REDCODE support in Premiere and After Effects on a Mac laptop. Adobe is a company with so many things going on that I think are really exciting. I’ve been tinkering with FLEX and AIR a bit just to understand what they can do - and they have some really amazing  software technologies. Aldey and I stopped by the Arri to talk to some folks and checkout the new Mattebox MMB-1 and Follow Focus MFF-1. AbelCineTech was directly involved with design concept and feedback on these products - Mitch over at Abel will be posting some exciting news about these products and how they will work with the RED ONE camera on Reduser.net and their website VERY, VERY soon - and I’ll post here as well -. but the products are great and we’ll be buying them for sure.

Aaton partnered with Filmlight, makers of the Northlight film scanner and the Baselight to build a 4K film recorder called the Aaton K which “records several times faster than any other 4K capable systems; it also delivers nearly twice the MTF (a measure of resolution) at 4K for color inter-negative and positive films.” I looked at 4K filmout samples under extreme magnification - and the is amazing and will no doubt set the bar for 4K filmouts. approx. $600K US - shipping March-ish I spent a LONG time over at Building4Media - a company my reseller has been tracking. These guys have an extremely well designed asset management and workflow automation software designed for the broadcast space (CNN uses it) - called FORK - but I think they may hold the missing piece I need for something I want to bring to the production environment when shooting and posting projects on RED. I spent a while over at ROOT6 looking at the new REDCODE integration in ContentAgent. This is a workflow automation tool that offers a node-based UI to design complex workflows and trigger actions on meta-data. I’ve been tracking this software for a while - and earlier builds had stability issues with some customers that I spoke too - but now that Redcode support is there, every flavor of Avid DNxHD - and with the impending release of a ProRes encoder for Window - it’s time to battle test this application in our environment. Aldey & I checked out the two Angenieux Zoom lenses - the OPTIMO “Rouge” DP 16-42 and the OPTIMO “Rouge” DP 30-80. At 4.2 pounds - the 16-42 is perfect for steadicam applications. Mechanics and offhollywoods on the lenses seemed excellent. I’ll be getting them for eval on our Red cameras - and suspect we’ll be buying. They are priced at $20K each. Hitting the show early tomorrow - so time to get some rest  - but I’ll post more - lots of storage, monitors, etc. to cover tomorrow and going to sit down for full-on FLOW demo tomorrow as well. FLOW is a content management tool from Gridiron Software.