QubeMaster Xport for 4K DCPs

Another NAB gem - the fine folks at QUBE released a Apple Compressor plug-in for creating 2K and 4K & 3D DCPs. What's exciting for me is the 4K DCP functionality. We use our DVS Clipster 3 for DCP and DCDM authoring, versioning and mastering. It can encode 2K JPEG 2000 at 2x realtime - however, 4K encode is NOT hardware accelerated on the Clipster 3 platform - only on the Clipster 4 platform (which offers 4K realtime encoding via hardware acceleration).

So ... we can use this app with distributed / cluster rendering to create 4K DCPs faster until we upgrade to Clipster 4.

Click here to download a fully functioning watermarked demo version of QubeMaster Xport

You'll be able to buy the full version and the 4K & 3D options starting April 22, 2011