QTAKE HD Advanced Video Assist

Last year I saw a post on Reduser.net about a video assist software called DiVA HD being developed by a company called IN2CORE in the Slavic Republic. The man coding the app is an award-winning commercial director named Vlado Struhar who was so fed up with the fact that he could not find a video assist application up to his standards - he decided to code one from scratch. I was intrigued by the GUI design and the features posted on Reduser.net so I email Vlado and set up a meeting in Amsterdam during the IBC show. Vlado sat down with me in the "Red Lounge" and gave me a demo on his laptop. I was hooked. Every idea I threw at him he would say "I can do this - this is easy".

We began exchanging emails of ideas for features, RED workflow integration and tagging and annotation concepts. Vlado started sending me test builds of the software and eventually I brought in Lee Hopp, a professional video assist technician here in NYC, who put the app through it's paces and provided excellent feedback from the point of view of someone who does video assist as a profession.

Along the way I decided that it made perfect scene for Offhollywood to introduce this application to the North American market, and serve as a reseller for the application. My interest to do this is actually driven by my desire to see the application grow into the ultimate on-set meta-data tagging tool. Vlado decided to change the name to QTAKE HD and we decided to release it at NAB.

There's some more info on the new QTAKE HD website is live.

Demo versions available during NAB - with a 15% off NAB pricing valid until the end of May.


Here's the press release:


Offhollywood Announces QTAKE HD Advanced Video Assist System Advanced Video Assist System From IN2CORE Extends Company’s Range of Sophisticated Solutions for Streamlined RED-centric Workflows

NEW YORK – April 8, 2009 – Leading digital cinema company Offhollywood today announced that it has been named the exclusive North American reseller of IN2CORE’s new QTAKE HD, a highly advanced video assist system. Designed and developed for video assist professionals, QTAKE HD is a powerful yet easy-to-learn system that integrates every aspect of modern video assist into a single solution. With the addition of this sophisticated system to its offering of cutting-edge technologies, Offhollywood continues its leadership in providing producers with the flexibility and innovation enabled by the latest hardware and software.

“We developed QTAKE HD to bring users the best in HD digital video assist, and the resulting software opens to producers a whole new realm of possibilities in establishing efficient RED-centered workflows,” said Vlado Struhar, designer and developer at IN2CORE. “As a leader in designing and implementing RED-based solutions for digital cinema, Offhollywood is an ideal partner for the distribution of QTAKE HD. We’re pleased to be working with the company to make QTAKE HD and its advanced capabilities available to the North American production market.”

The QTAKE HD software application has been thoroughly tested in real production environments for nearly a year. The cutting-edge software system allows users to log, capture, playback, edit, and process the video output of digital cinema cameras. Key features include instant record and playback, a powerful clip database, intensive image processing in real time, extensive logging capabilities, rapid shot selection with a tree-based visual browser, a simple and intuitive nonlinear editor, import and export, real-time overlay with blending, keying and wipe functions, and RED ONE™ support.

“As an early adopter and alpha tester of QTAKE HD, Offhollywood was impressed with IN2CORE’s ability to implement new features and integrate our feedback into the development process and refinement of the UI,” said Offhollywood CEO Mark L. Pederson. “It just seemed logical that we introduce the system to the North American market.”

“As we strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of production solutions, we spend a great deal of time seeking out the latest and greatest technologies,” continued Pederson. “QTAKE HD is the most advanced video assist solution available, with a roadmap that sets it apart as the future-proof choice of industry professionals. We’re pleased to be the sole North American source of QTAKE HD, and we look forward to assisting producers in taking advantage of its enormous potential within the HD production environment.”

Offhollywood will be demonstrating QTAKE HD at the Reduser event at the 2009 NAB Show, Wednesday, April 22, from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. at The Rio. The company also will offer private demonstrations during the show.