Puppy Love Wraps!

Puppy Love wrapped two weeks ago - this was a 20 shoot for 10 webisodes to be premiere on a new site called L Studio which is funded by Lexus. Puppy Love is an episodic web-series about various New Yorkers, their dogs, and the places their four-legged friends lead them. Director of Photography Jendra Jarnagin shots lots of dog and and some actors including Famke Janssen, Sarah Paulson, Ally Sheedy, Dan Hedaya, Kristen Johnston.  The series was Created, Written & Directed by Amy B. Harris, writer and co-producer of Sex and the City.

Producer: Grace Naughton

Co-Producer: Jason Reilly

Directors: Cindy Chupack, Patrick Dinhut, Jason Reilly, Julie Rottenberg, Liz Tucillo  

You can see Puppy Love Here