Offhollywood Brings 3D Tech to Armani Exchange

Offhollywood provided cameras, 3D rigs, stereographer, full 3D camera crew as well as 3D conform and color grading for the motion component of the new A|X Fall 2010 3D advertising campaign - A|X3D - “2020/Speed Style”. Shot in 4K on RED One MX cameras with Technica's Quasar 3D rig - Alonso Homs as stereographer. Under the direction of Tom Jarrold, CMO for A|X, photographer, Matthew Scrivens, shot on location in Brooklyn, New York.

“The A|X Fall 2010 3D advertising campaign will run in GQ, V Magazine, and Interview with exclusive A|X 3D glasses for viewing the creative.

These ads will direct readers to a specially designed 3D page on the A|X “Life” section of the brand's website, where users will be able to view an exclusive 2D and 3D music video based around the A|X Fall 2010 advertising campaign on A|X:TV.

This breakthrough A|X3D campaign will also be featured in store windows, on video screens in the top 10 markets in both North America and in international markets.”

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