More IBC 2008

I would have to say the single most impressive thing I saw at IBC was Building4Media’s FORK Production Suite. Designed as a broadcast solution, these guys have something pretty significant. I’m anxious to try to adapt their technology to feature film production. More to come about these guys and what they have going on. EXTREMELY impressive stuff. The other really exciting thing was a sneak peak at DIVA HDx2, a new video assist application. I spent some time with Vlado, the commercial director who build it for himself, by himself - 100% Leopard CoreVideo. After the demo, I was so blown away I asked him how long he's been coding - he shrugged and said "since I was 12". I got a full demo of Gridiron’s FLOW- and this is simply a must-have - at the very least, just to archive your projects. I have a copy on the way and I’ll post screenshots and more details soon. Every show there one silly little thing that you find that you just love. This show - it was True Lens LCD Bellows for the Red LCD.

True Lens, a company in the UK makes these LCD hoods with bellows like on an old still camera. They made one the exact size of the Red 5.6 inch LCD and they put one on the Red camera that was in Element Technica’s booth and they immediately sold out. I dragged Red’s Ted Schilowitz over and he LOVED the thing as much as I did. The moment I got back to the states I send them exact measurements of the NEW RED 7” LCDS that we just got in - so I am hoping they make them asap. True Lens can be found HERE. I got to meet with Vlado Struhar from the Slovak Republic. I’ve been communicating with Vlado via email, after I met on the Reduser forum, and testing his new video assist software DIVA HDx2. Vlado is a commercial director who, like many, doesn’t like the “standard” video assist software CineLog. DIVA HDx2 is build on Leopard and has one of the best UIs I’ve seen in along time. You can see screenshots HERE. Vlado tipped me off to the company that makes the TOUCHSCREEN he is using - the 2239L 22" LCD Open-Frame Touchmonitor  - Mac, Linux and Windows drivers and CHEAP!! The other big thing that happened at the show - QuVis released WRAPTOR a software plug-in for Apple® Compressor that adds the ability to create a professional-quality, DCI JPEG2000-encoded, AES-encrypted, MXF-wrapped, and distribution-ready Digital Cinema Package (DCP) directly from a Final Cut Studio® project for ... $699.00 I have Wraptor, and I have been testing it - and it’s VERY cool. I’m going to save details until later, when I have the time to write a more in-depth post about DCP creation. I also found a very impressive, high speed, PCIe direct attached storage solution from JMR - a unit is on the way for eval. Stay tuned!