Here Comes Cuda!

On August 19th - Nvidia Cuda 2.0 was posted HERE on What the heck is CUDA? It’s a compiler and set of development tools developed by NVIDIA that enable programmers to use a variation of C to code algorithms for execution on the graphics processing unit (GPU). Using CUDA, the latest NVIDIA GPUs effectively become open architectures like CPUs (Central Processing Units) and have a parallel "many-core" architecture, with each core capable of running thousands of threads simultaneously. In other words - screamin’ processing speed. To use this architecture requires an Nvidia GPU and drivers. Why should you care? Well ... Nvidia’s vice president of product offhollywoodeting, Ujesh Desai has stated “the fact that Adobe CS4 was developed in Nvidia GPUs from start to finish will mean that some of the optimisations they have in there are going to run better on our hardware versus the competition’s.” Get it? And keep your eye on Elemental Technologies these guys have created a CUDA-based video encoder called Badaboom. Elemental’s new plug-in is for Premiere Pro is designed to allow real-time encoding of HD video. Thinking about long render times for REDCODE inside CS4? Pay attention to these guys.