At dawn on April 10th - our 3D feature film HELLBENDERS wrapped principal photography. This is the first feature film shot on RED's EPIC cameras and Element Techinca's ATOM rig to complete production in a fast and furious four week shoot - IATSE, TEAMSTER, DGA, WGA & SAG. The cast and crew really nailed it - Special Make-up FX from Brian Spears and Production Design from Russell Barnes were way above and beyond the budget and our expectations. We were blessed to have Mark Santora on the team as the Line Producer - making all of us producers look good.

Writer / Director JT Petty fearlessly led the charge - extremely prepared and specific - it was a joy to make a film with someone who is truly knows exactly what they want. The cast - led by Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins Jr. and Dan Fogler.

Below is a snapshot of producers Aldey Sanchez, Jon Denny, Lawrence (Circle of Confusion) Mattis and myself watching the watching the 3D monitor during the shoot.

Some early press on the project can be found here:

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OFFHOLLYWOOD's Alonso Homs served as stereographer with Ryan Samul as Director of Photography. Editing starts May 2nd with a completely unrealistic post production schedule to try to get to the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.