Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow! Another week blew by in the blink of an eye. I'll be working a lot harder to post more often in the coming weeks. Monday I was down in Louisiana - cookin' up something down South - more on that soon - Tuesday EVERY DAY wrapped - another "all-RED" feature in-the-can ... or I should say "on-the-SAN" and I'm pretty sure we broke one of our own records by processing 20 hours worth of 4K Red media in a single day. Thanksgiving weekend is the notorious time when filmmakers get called (or don't get called) if their films have been accepted into Sundance and next week is when everyone who did get accepted scrambles to get their post production ducks in a row. This coming year - we split a 4000 sq. ft. condo with our reseller TEKSERVE - ten minutes from the Canyons Ski resort. We'll be hosting an invite-only 70's theme party called "That 70's Offhollywood Sundance Party" and we are planning to make a few special announcements during or just prior to the festival.