Foolcat & Foolmeta for R3D reports

- foolcat lets you create rich HTML and pdf catalog of R3D clips with image thumbnails and extensive metadata / RMD informations (supports RED One, EPIC and Scarlet)

- foolmeta (included within foolcat interface) lets you add custom user metadatas (Project, Scene, Shot, Take, Notes, Rating, Color Label, Circled take etc) into RMD sidecar files, and is 100% compatible with REDCINE-X metadatas. You can add them in batch to a whole folder and also on a clip by clip basis.

foolmeta is a free tool. foolcat works with up to 5 clips per catalog in demo mode and requires a 19 USD license to unlock.

A LOT of metadatas are displayed in a compact space in the HTML catalogs (including HDRx values, camera firmware, color curves, alchemy settings, linked audio info etc)...

You can check a demo catalog, here :

Download the latest version (includes foolmeta) from the website :

A much needed little app and very well done IMO!

Asset management and meta-data reporting is a topic very near and dear to my heart - so I'm very happy that Mikael created this tool.