FCP X previewed during NAB

http://vimeo.com/22341718 Well ... unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that Apple previewed FCP X at the Supermeet during NAB. Before they could even show the software Twitter lit up with tweets about the fact that Apple demanded that all the other presenting sponsors of the Supermeet "step down" so that Apple could take the stage as the sole presenter. This included forcing director Kevin Smith to find another venue to speak about Avid. Studio Daily posted Apple Wields Its Hammer, Smashes SuperMeet. Others write blog posts defending Apple - saying if anyone was to blame for anything it would be the Supermeet folks - which I find totally silly. That's like trying to blame recovering drug addicts for buying pot from a dealer that sets up shop across the street from the rehab center. Anyway you slice it, Apple should have planned a bit more, and demonstrated a bit more class IMO. You can do better Apple.

So what happened at the Supermeet?

Here's the very best post about the FCP X I have seen so far -

The “Future” of editing

What do I think? Well ... I'm excited to try it. Based on the video of the event - this version could just get me to love FCP. I love Avid MC and I love Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 - maybe FCP X will make it a threesome.

I love the filmstrip view in the bin - something I have always wanted. We've been using Clipfinder for a long time to generate PDF reports of footage logsheets with 5 thumbnails - a much better visual representation of a clip of motion - an option I have pushed at The Foundry for Logsheet implementation in STORM.

I also really like the emphasis on tagging - increasing meta-data. Clearly, based on the video of the demo - they are using Core Data and effectively making the app a database - which is very exciting. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this.