Arri MB28 Mattebox

The Arri MB28 hasn't been released yet - I was told there are five of them in the world at the moment - AbelCineTech has one unit in rentals to field/beta test - Clairmont Camera in LA has one, there are two in Germany and we've got our hands on the other pre-release unit. This Mattebox was designed specifically to fit the Optimo 24-290mm zoom - in addition to smaller primes. Forget about carrying a 6x6 studio for the Optimo and an MB20 for your primes - now ... you can carry one mattebox.

And even better, the 6x6 trays have 4x5.65 inserts - so you can instantly change between filter sizes. We tried 4x5.65 filters on the Optimo 24-290 - and at 24mm we were 100% clear - in every stage! This is great news as we don't have to go out and buy 6x6 filters - we can just work with the 4x5.65s we own.

The construction and design is extremely impressive - small and compact, but rugged. Solid. Quick and easy to "lock down" and "quick release" the parts. The swing-away arm will be available in 19mm, 15mm, Panavision or Panavsion 15mm. Huge thanks to Eric Johnston, ARRI’s Product Manager for Camera Accessories for letting me get my hands on it.

No official pricing yet - but I was told it would LESS than the MB14 with NAB 2009 as the release target.