Apple applies for Storyboard Patent

I thought this story about Apple applying for a patent on "Script-Integrated Storyboards" was extremely exciting. Someone needs to slay a screenplay-based editing platform the RIGHT WAY. To do this - you need to start with a "paper cut" - a breakdown of shots tagged to an indexed screenplay document. There is no better way to do that than a storyboard software tool. I've used pretty much every one on the offhollywoodet - and nobody really "gets it". Maybe Apple could shoot an arrow through this? I always laugh on low budget indie features with first time directors when I hear the director say "we are going to storyboard the whole film - I'll have shot lists every single day" - and then somehow ... the director and dp manage to spend all their time hanging out watching their favorite movies together and after day three - there are no shot lists. A storyboard app needs to be FUN. It needs to make the pre-production process FUN. It needs to have an intuitive UI that let's you CREATE while thinking like a filmmaker or cinematographer. It needs to be tagging to an INDEXED XML OF THE SCREENPLAY. Also worth mentioning, Digital Video, creator of the cel animation software Toonz, has released Story Planner and Story Planner Pro. There is a free trial version available for download - PC & MAC. This software seems to be more for making ANAMATICS - I have not tried it yet - but I've seen Toonz in action and it's pretty cool. This might be a tool for pitching commercial spots. VIDEO DEMOS here.