A New Year!

2008 was a very dramatic year. On November 12th - my second son, Gabriel was born. I became a proud father and husband again. The economy collapsed - and the potential of a SAG strike still looms, the vote being delayed - yet the box office ended with some nice grosses in the final weekend. Domestic box office revenues continue to run even with last year's record-breaking take of $9.63 billion. Obama was elected. Paul Newman, Heath Ledger and George Carlin died. Apple bowed out of MacWorld with no keynote from Steve Jobbs as rumors swirl about his health. In case you missed it - he talks about death and being diagnosed with cancer (and being cured) in his 2005 commencement address at Stanford. I wish Steve Jobbs the very best in 2009, and I hope the rumors are greatly exaggerated. I find him truly inspirational. 2008 was the year that shooting RED gained "full acceptance". Everyone is shooting RED now. Episodic television is being shot in the RED. Vilmos Zsigmond is shooting Red. Martin Scorsese is directing a film shooting on the RED. Commercials are dropping 35mm like bad habit. It's funny to think back to when there was only a couple other Red cameras beside ours in all of New York. I'm a bit nostalgic about it all as it has been such a wild ride - and it will never be same again. RED went from HYPE and SCAM to 100% legit. Nobody will doubt the next cameras from RED. They have proven themselves in a preservationist filled industry. I predict that the very first all-RED feature in wide theatrical release will open #1 at the box office - January 16th, 2009 My Bloody Valentine 3-D will open in theaters in the US and I fully expect a $25M+ opening weekend. We ended the year with a total of 10 feature length films which we supplied RED cameras and post services to - (the first two being shot back in 2007) - three of these films will premiere in Park City in Jan., two in Sundance and one in Slamdance. We are pushing to finish construction of our new facility by the end of April 2009, maybe tie a grand opening party to the Tribeca Film Festival, which starts immediately after NAB 2009. It's taking WAY LONGER than we anticipated - but we have never taken on anything on this scale before and I am learning a lot in process. Today the first of two brand new 10-ton air conditioner units arrived (these are on top of two other new split systems - a 3-ton for the machine room and a 5-ton for the screening room and audio room) - the compressors being installed on a platform we had welded on the roof of the building. Our new camera prep room is almost finished and we are moving in to the most aggressive stage of construction in January. Offhollywood's gross revenues for 2008 were 300% of what we grossed in 2007 - and I plan to double 2008's revenues in 2009 because ... in 2009 I'm going to "turn Offhollywood up to 11". In addition to completing the new facility, we've got some extremely exciting technologies we are going to start providing clients and we're completely dedicated to expanding the rental side of our business with the forthcoming DSMC cameras from RED Digital Cinema. We'll be adding a large selection of lenses to our inventory during Q1 & Q2.

Today I had lunch with a friend in the business. We talked about the future. He reminded me of a famous comment made by Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky during an interview - "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." I'm gonna play where the puck is going to be. RED. Solid State. Tapeless. Wireless. Tagged. 4K DCP. RedRay. Web-based production & post management. Happy New Year everyone!!